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Settling down

Hey guys,

Greetings from Nottingham! :D

Due to many enquiries I thought it might be best if I did a blog on my great adventure in the UK. [Thank you Jakob for setting up the blog for me!] Please, feel welcome to check out my blog from time to time to keep up to date.

I arrived safely here at Nottingham last Saturday and I have had a great time so far. The flat and my flatmates are really nice (3 British Asian girls, one is yet to come). --> pics coming soon!

Surprisingly, it has only rained TWICE so far! :D

This week I was quite busy at the university: The campus is HUGE so I had some trouble finding buildings, rooms, teachers, etc. Enroling for modules was also quite difficult because Erasmus students are kind of last in line so I didn't get into the courses I actually wanted, but I have sorted everything out by now. Kind of made me feel like a fresher again!

On Wednesday night we did a GHOSTWALK through the city of Nottingham which was really fun even if we didn't see a real ghost (little Rosie didn't want to come out when we were down the cellar). We then went to the "Old Jerusalem", the oldest pub in England where we played "RINGING THE BULL". GREAT FUN even if I didn't succeed!

Okay guys, I need to leave now for a round of shopping with the other Erasmus students, but I'll get back to you whenever time allows. Meanwhile, feel free to have a look at the pics I have taken so far!

By the way, I saw Prince Edward today because he was the Royal Theatre of Nottingham... Pretty cool because I was only there by chance and stopped to ask a man what everybody was waiting for as there was a huge crowd in front of the theatre. :D


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